Montelibero (Libertarian community)

1. Montelibero is a libertarian movement uniting individuals all around the world. Our goal is to implement and promote social behaviors and practices aimed at expanding individual liberties and freedom of association for all legally capable participants.

2. The terms and conditions of participating in the Movement are as follows:

  • all interactions between members of the Movement must be voluntary and equal;
  • interactions with individuals who are legally incapable or otherwise unable to exercise their freedoms must be voluntary and equal as well;
  • members should try to keep their practices within legal boundaries;
  • nature and the environment should be treated with reasonable respect.

4. The basis for all rules governing interaction between members of the Movement are based on the Non-Aggression Principle and the respect for personal autonomy, ergo:

  • every person is free to exercise their personal autonomy without infringing on other persons’ autonomy;
  • physical aggression is to be suppressed by any means necessary;
  • every person is free to express their opinions and views on any other persons or phenomena as long as such expression does not strip the targeted person of their autonomy;
  • verbal and other forms of aggression (expression of opinion aiming to infringe on the targeted person’s autonomy or dehumanize them) is to be suppressed strictly by similar methods including cessation of any spoken or other contact with the aggressor.

Individuals and organizations declaring themselves part of the Movement, understanding the importance of the Non-Aggression Principle and individual liberty, accept the responsibility to counteract those who oppose the principles stated above.

4. No organization or individual may speak on behalf of the Movement as a whole. A corresponding MTL fund provides information and support in the interest of its members but, being a local standalone organization, does not represent the Movement in itself.

5. Our Movement is a living, dynamic venture, growing and changing. Specific means and modes of operation employed to reach the stated goals vary similarly, influenced by the will, demands and capabilities of the Movement’s members and factors of the environment.

6. The Montelibero Movement is localized in Montenegro – a compact, democratic and polyethnic country by the Adriatic Sea.

7. Anyone supporting the Non-Aggression Principle and individual liberties is invited to help the Montelibero Movement in any of the following ways:

  • by relocating to Montenegro, integrating into the society, promoting and practicing the Movement’s ideas;
  • by supporting the initiatives offered by the Movement’s members with information, expertise or money.

Any initiative complying with the aforementioned principles may freely declare itself part of the Montelibero Movement and does not require any permission for it.

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