What we believe

We believe that promoting understanding, respect, tolerance and acceptance can’t solve the lack of cohesion in modern society. While these are essential values, people may still have different preferences, lifestyles, and beliefs that may just not be compatible.

Even if you like someone, you may not want to live with them under the same roof. Everybody would agree that deciding who to live with is a fundamental right. Same works for society at large.

Therefore, we believe it is crucial to facilitate the creation of different communities based on common values and interests.

This can provide people with the opportunity to live in a community that aligns with their beliefs and values, while also being able to interact peacefully with other communities under agreed-upon modalities.

People can form communities based on shared interests or shared identities, such as race, religion, or politics. By doing so, people can build strong relationships and a sense of belonging while still appreciating outside diversity if they wish to do so.

We believe that instead of forcing coexistence, we should encourage freedom of association and dissociation.

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