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The town of your dreams is our mission

The world is changing, and not necessarily for the better. Social and economic challenges are threatening the wellbeing of many. It is crucial to take action to create new physical communities that are better suited to satisfy specific needs of specific groups of people. Building societies with people you like and trust is the only way to avoid conflict.

If you have to pick a partner for life you want to look for maximum compatibility. You don’t want to pick the worst partner in the name of “Self-enrichment”. Why people in society should be treated any different?

While you may appreciate many people in your life, it does not necessarily mean you would like to live with them under the same roof. Forced coexistence is not the solution. Instead, communities that are grounded in shared values  allow individuals to create their own path and give them the peace of mind of a safe haven when they decide to venture outside their community to trade, discuss, love and enrich each other.

What do we help you with?

Find the right people

We match you with the best neighbors you can ask for. You can explore different solutions and pick the one suits you best.

Find the right place

Our team researches, investigate and explore in loco to find the best place to establish the new settlement.

We build it up

The final step consists of building a new town from scratch, renew an abandoned one or assist with the settling into an existing one

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What our neighbors say

"Neighbor Picker gave me some much hope. I can't wait for my community to get enough members to start the second phase and establish a settlement. I'm willing to move far away to get out of this hell called modern society"
- Georgia Humphreys
"At first I was skeptic but then I thought that divorcing from mainstream society might actually be the only real solution to the mess we find ourselves in. I want to build a better future for my kids and avoid conflict at the same time"
- John Doe
"What I like of Neighbor Picker is that it is philosophically agnostic. You can find any kind of people, everybody can build his own place so that there's no need to force anyone's will on someone that doesn't agree with it.
- Patrick Smith
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